Gif: Neymar comically rolling after being fouled vs Serbia!


Neymar decided to break the record at rolling after being fouled against Serbia!

Neymar took over-reaction to another level, as Witty Futty presents to you Neymar in all his glory!

Brazil took a deserved lead against Serbia in their final group stage match.

They were better in the attack and goal had to happen.

Paulinho scored after a bad mistake in Serbia’s defense and that was that.

There was one funny situation when Neymar got fouled. It was quite a clumsy tackle, but nothing too serious. Well, Brazilian decided to make a meal out of it and started rolling when hitting the ground.

Frankly, Neymar didn’t want to stop rolling and he just went on. Eventually, he stopped rolling, while the Serbian player that fouled him, got a yellow card.

A very funny play acting from Neymar, as Brazil took the lead and are currently first in their group.

Switzerland is also leading against Costa Rica, as everything in this group is going according to plan!

Neymar decided to roll against Serbia!


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