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Witty Futty

Welcome to Witty Futty. Thanks for taking YOUR time to visit Witty Futty about page. Here are some info's about Witty Futty.

Witty Futty is a site that consists primarily from football blog, viral football videos, and viral football gifs. Its a site for people that like football/soccer (you know, the sport where you play a ball with your feet). All in all, Witty Futty contains the most supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (amazing, incredible, hilarious, spectacular,...) things from the world of football.

"This site is meant for every fan of football/soccer"

This site is in English language and it covers wide range of topics. The key is that all the topics have something to do with football/soccer. Blog is mostly concentrated on TOP 5 European leagues, while viral gifs and viral videos don't have any real boundaries, except that they cover something intriguing.

This site has evolved from Witty Futty blog, due to high interest into the content.

It is also important to note that pictures and gifs fall under the so called fair use, because their purpose is  informative and is used for comment, critic, teaching and research. The pictures used are a public domain, which are even further transformed.

Videos are not owned by Witty Futty. That's also the reason why there are only links embedded on to the site. This also means that if any video fringe any right, the user who's rights are infringed, should contact the site, and the video in question will be removed.