Video: Hirving Lozano weird red card vs Heerenveen!

Hirving Lozano

Watch as Hirving Lozano gets a very weird red card against Heerenveen in Dutch league!

Heereneveen and PSV are playing a regular match in Dutch league!

Its surprisingly 2-0 for Heerenveen, after two early goals.

PSV doesn’t end up in this kind of position often in Dutch league, but Heerenveen is playing some fantastic football.

Even worse for PSV, is the fact that Hirving Lozano got a red card. A very weird red card.

Lozano was making a tackle against one of Heerenveen’s players. It was a clumsy tackle, but nothing too serious. Heerenveen’s player obviously started to play-act, but there was nothing vicious in that tackle. Still, the referee showed a direct red card to Lozano.

This was never a red card, maybe not even a yellow card, but referee decided, the way he decided.

This means that PSV’s got almost an impossible mission against Heerenveen. There’s a feeling that PSV is going to lose this match, while Lozano might get his card rescinded.