Wayne Rooney tells a crazy story about Ravel Morrison!

Wayne Rooney tells a crazy story about Ravel Morrison!

Wayne Rooney tells a crazy story about Ravel Morrison during a podcast interview!

Wayne Rooney is now an interm manager at Derby County. Not long ago, he was considered as one of the best strikers in the world at Manchester United. He was a 'Red Devil' for 13 years, and he has decided to talk about one crazy moment he had with Ravel Morrison.

If you don't know, Ravel Morrison was a highly touted youngster at Manchester United, who had tremendous talent, but his personality got in the way.

Morrison is now playing for ADO Den Haag after, basically, failing at every club he has played.

Speaking for Utd Podcast, Rooney had this to say about Morrison.

"I remember I smashed his [Morrison's] phone up at one point. He came into the first-team dressing room when he was in the reserves. My phone was on a charge and he took it off and put his own phone on.

"It was when we had the old BlackBerries and it had the email address on the front. I thought it was one of the other lads so when I saw it was one of the reserve players I just smashed the phone up!' 

Smashing a phone, obviously, wasn't a problem for Rooney, who was known back than as someone with a short fuse, who directed his anger at phones a lot.

Still, this story showed just why Morrison never succeeded at any club. He simply lacked respect towards other players. If he acted this way against one of United's best-ever players, he likely showed the same sort of regard to others as well.


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