Deschamps: "Pogba is UNHAPPY!"


Didier Deschamps thinks that Paul Pogba is unhappy with his current status at Manchester United.

Pogba has struggled to get into the first-team of Manchester United in the last few months. He had some injury problems, tested positive for COVID, and now isn't seen as the first choice player for Ole.

France international has played 90 minutes in the Premier League just twice this season, while he has scored his only goal in Carabao Cup.

Despite this off-form, Pogba has played consitantly for France during the international break.

During the press conference, France manager Didier Deschamps touched on Pogba's situation at Manchester United.

“I have no advice to give him. He knows the group well. It has been a while since he played with his club. He is in a situation at Manchester United where he cannot be satisfied with his playing time and his position. He is not in his best period.

“The injuries came one after another, and Covid hit him pretty hard as well. He needs to find some rhythm. Last month his game had been pretty good and consistent despite a lack of pace. He's been playing since, but you can't say he's happy.

“With me, there is no problem, I will make sure to manage him. It is never easy for a player in his situation. I'll talk to him. He will tell me certain things, how he feels, and I will also tell him what I can see and feel.”

Pogba has been really unlucky this season, but this does point to a trend. A trend that is pointing to Pogba's exit from United.

There have been many instances where Pogba and his agent talked about Real and leaving Manchester United and this kind of form has made the whole thing even more likely.

Pogba's time at United has been just too inconsistent and there's a feeling that he won't be missed by United fans should he leave.

COVID has created a certain crisis in transfer windows as rich clubs like Real can't pay big sums of money for players like Pogba.

Still, there is a feeling that Pogba is likely going to end up at Real sooner than latter.


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