Video: Hanley with unlucky own goal against Norwich!

hanley own goal norwich

Hanley with unlucky own goal against Norwich in an opening match of Premier League!

Hanley with unlucky own goal against Norwich as Liverpool got a solid start.

Liverpool and Norwich are opening this new Premier League season.

It’s currently 2-0 for Liverpool, who took command of this match and quickly scored two goals.

The opening goal was a funny one as Norwich themselves scored the goal for Liverpool.

Origi was making a run down the righthand side. He made a lovely cross into the center of Norwich’s box. There was only Hanley, who made a terrible clearance and send the ball right into his own goal.

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A poor clearance from Hanley as Liverpool scored their second goal some minutes later.

You could say that Liverpool has already won this match as Norwich simply doesn’t have the quality to rival one of Premier League’s best teams.


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