Video: Raheem Sterling with a funny duel with Van Dijk!

sterling duel van dijk

Raheem Sterling with a funny duel with Van Dijk during UEFA Nations League semi-final match!

Raheem Sterling had a funny duel with Van Dijk as Netherlands took the lead.

Netherlands has taken the lead after Stones made a horror mistake (much like de Ligt) that led to a bizarre own goal from Walker.

A strange way for England to concede a goal in extra time.

Anyway, there was one funny duel between Raheem Sterling and Virgil Van Dijk before the match went into extra time.

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Sterling first managed to push Van Dijk off the ball, but Dutch defender returned the favor and pushed Sterling off the ball.

It was a funny situation between two great rivals from the Premier League.

Netherlands is in the lead as England players seem too exhausted to score a goal.


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