Gif: Cristiano Ronaldo awesome no-look pass for Joao Felix!

cristiano ronaldo no-look pass joao felix

Cristiano Ronaldo awesome no-look pass for Joao Felix during UEFA Nations League finals match against Switzerland.

Cristiano Ronaldo nearly made a brilliant assist as Ronaldo scored a hat-trick of goals.

Portugal and Switzerland played an interesting semi-final match in Nations League finals.

The match ended with a 3-1 score for Portugal, who will play with either England or Netherlands in the final of Nations League.

A match that was decided by Cristiano Ronaldo with his three goals. A sublime performance from Portugal’s star player.

There was also a bizarre penalty decision that took away a penalty from Portugal and awarded it to Switzerland.

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Besides scoring three goals, Ronaldo also made the best move of the match when he made a brilliant no-look pass for Joao Felix.

Portugal’s young man failed to take the chance, but it was all about Ronaldo’s crazy vision.

A decisive performance from Ronaldo has put Portugal in the final where he will have a chance to make history with his country.


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