Video: Lee Cattermole wanted to fight with a Portsmouth’s fan!

cattermole fight portsmouth's fan

Lee Cattermole wanted to fight with a Portsmouth’s fan during League One play-off semi-final match!

Lee Cattermole wanted to fight with a Portsmouth’s fan as a crazy brawl nearly happened between Sunderland players and Portsmouth fans.

Portsmouth is still locked in a goalless draw against Sunderland. The first match ended in a 0-1 win for Sunderland so Portsmouth needs a goal.

They have tried everything to score a goal, but Sunderland’s keeper is in form while Portsmouth’s finishing isn’t the best.

There was one bizarre incident in this match when one of Sunderland’s players was pushed over the fence that’s keeping fans and the rest of the pitch separated.

Sunderland’s player fell on some of Portsmouth’s fans, who weren’t too happy with that. They started pushing that player and gave him a few punches. Other Sunderland players saw that and there was a feeling that a brawl would start.

Things quickly cooled down, but not Cattermole. He provoked one of Portsmouth fans, who even wanted to enter the pitch to have a fight with Sunderland’s defensive rock.

Nothing happened in the end, but it still looked crazy.

Portsmouth is in need of a goal while Sunderland is on a road to reach the final of League One play-off.


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