Video: Lacazette controversial penalty claim against Chelsea!

lacazette penalty claim chelsea

Lacazette controversial penalty claim against Chelsea in Europa League final!

Lacazette controversial penalty claim against Chelsea as neither team has been able to score a goal yet.

Chelsea and Arsenal are playing in Europa League final.

It’s 0-0 in an even match. Arsenal looked to be more dangerous of the two teams and even had some half-chances.

There was one controversial moment revolving Lacazette and Chelsea’s keeper Kepa.

Lacazette managed to get through on Chelsea’s goal. Kepa was closing on him fast, but Lacazette managed to get to the ball first.

Kepa took Laca out and it seemed that it’s going to be a penalty for Arsenal. Referee, shockingly, didn’t do anything and continued the match.

A controversial situation as there is VAR available in this Europa League final and referee didn’t use it.

Arsenal does seem to want to win it more, but Chelsea has enough quality to win this match.


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