Gif: Vincent Kompany sensational goal against Leicester City!

vincent kompany goal leicester city

Vincent Kompany sensational goal against Leicester City in a Premier League match!

Vincent Kompany sensational goal against Leicester City as Manchester City finally took the lead.

Manchester City have taken the lead in must-win match.

They had corner kick after corner kick, taking shots like passes but Leicester City’s goal remained intact.

It seemed that this is going to be one of those matches where you simply can’t score a goal.

Well, Kompany didn’t want that to happen.

Kompany took the ball, made the run forward, and took a shot some 30 meters out of Leicester’s goal. Kompany took a sensational shot as the ball flew into the top right corner of Leicester’s goal.

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A perfect timing to score a goal as City finally got their crucial goal in this match.

Leicester City’s moral has gone down after that goal. They haven’t been able to do much in this match, but this goal gave them a real knock down.

Match isn’t over yet, but Manchester City is now in fantastic position to win this match.


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