Gif: Lucas Moura 96th minute winner against Ajax!

Lucas Moura winner ajax

Lucas Moura 95th minute winner against Ajax in a crazy Champions League semi-final match!

Lucas Moura 95th minute winner as Tottenham knocked out Ajax from the Champions League.

The match ended in a 2-3 win for Tottenham, who progressed to the next round in the last second of the match.

Lucas Moura was the hero as he scored all three goals and got Tottenham a decisive win.

Obviously, no goal was more important than the last one.

It’s kind of ridiculous that Ajax managed to concede that goal given that their keeper had the ball in his possession when 95th minute started.

He kicked the ball up front and the ball eventually came back to Ajax’s penalty area, where Moura took his shot that slipped under Ajax’s goalkeeper.

Probably the most important hat-trick goal ever as Tottenham won this match right at the death.

A sadness for Ajax and jubilation for Tottenham.


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