Video: Leonid Slutskiy with a priceless rant on referee Serdar Gozubuyuk!

Leonid Slutskiy rant Gozubuyuk

Leonid Slutskiy with a priceless rant on referee Serdar Gozubuyuk after match between Vitesse and PSV!

Leonid Slutskiy with priceless rant on referee Gozubuyuk as Vitesse dropped points.

Vitesse and PSV played out an entertaining match in Dutch league. It ended with a exhilirating 3-3 draw that saw Vitesse dropping points at the end of the match.

They were leading with a 3-2 score until the 91st minute when Lozano scored from a penalty spot.

This made Vitesse’s manager, Leonid Slutskiy, upset when the match ended. He had an interesting post-match interview in which he made a priceless rant on referee Serdar Gozubuyuk.

It’s best to listen to the whole thing for yourself and have a giant LOL moment because Slutskiy’s criticism borderlines on absurd.

In any case, both clubs dropped points as Ajax emerged as a true winner of this match.

They are now leading the league and have a good chance of winning the league title.


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