Video: Higuain angry reaction to being substituted against Burnley!

higuain angry reaction burnley

Higuain angry reaction to being substituted against Burnley in a Premier League match!

Higuain angry reaction to being substituted as Chelsea dropped important points.

The match ended with a 2-2 draw as Chelsea failed to take advantage of poor results from their rivals.

An interesting first half was followed by a poor second half.

There weren’t much chances in the second half as Burnley defended well while Chelsea was keeping possession and passing the ball into oblivion.

Higuain was one of the better players for Chelsea in this match, and he even scored a goal.

That’s why it was a weird decision when he was substituted for Giroud in the second half.

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It wasn’t surprisng that Giroud entered the pitch, but it was surprising that he came on for Higuain. Higuain himself didn’t like that substitution and showed his anger on the bench.

It didn’t help as Chelsea won only a point and put their top four position in danger.

They will have to get result at Old Trafford as they simply can’t drop any more points.


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