Video: Torreira direct red card for foul on Danny Rose!

Torreira red Tottenham

Torreira direct red card for a foul on Danny Rose in a Premier League match!

Torreira direct red card as Tottenham got a draw.

The match ended as a 1-1 draw after Tottenham equalized through Kane’s controversial penalty foul.

Aubameyang had a late penalty, but Loris made a great save to win a point for Tottenham.

In a way, it was a deserved result as Tottenham pressed for that equalizer and got it through a penalty that shouldn’t have been awarded.

There was also a late red card after Torreira made a clumsy tackle in the middle of the pitch.

He did get the ball first but unfortunately hit Danny Rose directly in his knee. It was a bad tackle, unintentional, but bad enough for Torreira to get a direct red card.

Tottenham is keeping their 3rd place in the league for now while Arsenal might drop to 5th place after this round ends.


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