Video: Robin Olson fantastic save against Marega!

Olson save marega

Robin Olson fantastic save against Moussa Marega during the Champions League match between Porto and Roma!

Robin Olson with fantastic save as Porto took the lead.

Porto and Roma are playing an interesting match in Champions League.

The first match ended with a 2-1 win for Roma and Porto is leading this match with the same exact score.

This means that Porto and Roma are heading to potential penalties as overall score is 3-3.

One of the reasons that Porto isn’t in a bigger lead against Roma is Robin Olson.

Roma’s keeper Olson made a great save when Marega got into a dangerous position to score. Olson dived to his left and made a fingertip save to prevent a low shot from Marega.

A great save that’s keeping Roma in this match as Roma’s defenders are poor in this match.


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