Video: Lukaku comforts Kimpembe after the final whistle in Champions League match!

lukaku comforts kimpembe

Lukaku comforts Kimpembe after the final whistle in a Champions League match between PSG and Manchester United.

Lukaku comforts Kimpembe after the final whistle as United shocked PSG.

United did it and made a comeback that has never been seen in Champions League before.

They managed to win the match 1-3 to turn around the 0-2 loss in the first leg.

No team has ever qualified to the next round when losing the first match 0-2 but United has changed that.

It was a bizarre match from PSG who lost the match due to some strange mistakes from their players.

One bad back-pass and one terrible reaction from Buffon gave a chance to United while a late controversial penalty did the rest.

When the match ended, PSG players couldn’t believe it and dropped to the floor in desperation. They were stunned as memories of that horrible defeat to Barca became alive in their heads.

Editors’ picks:

Lukaku made a great reaction when he decided to console Kimpembe after the final whistle. His teammates were celebrating the win while Lukaku gave some encouraging words to PSG’s defender.

Great move from Lukaku in a historic night for United and shocking one for PSG.


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