Video: Davidson Sanchez gets away with an intentional stomp on Koscielny!

Sanchez stomp koscielny

Sanchez gets away with an intentional stomp on Koscielny during the Premier League match between Tottenham and Arsenal.

Sanchez gets away with an intentional stomp as Tottenham got a draw against Arsenal.

As you know, Tottenham and Arsenal drew their much anticipated North London derby. The match ended with a 1-1 draw as neither team could win the match.

Arsenal took the lead through Ramsey while Tottenham scored the equalizer through Kane.

Bernard Leno made a sensational double save while Iwobi made a cheeky nutmeg.

It was a controversial match primarily due to Kane’s offside, before being awarded a penalty, and one crazy stomp from Sanchez.

This stomp from Sanchez happened in the first half when Tottenham had a dangerous free kick. The ball was sent in the center of Arsenal’s box where Koscielny and Sanchez fell to the ground.

When they were on the ground, Sanchez made an intentional stomp on Koscielny before leaving to his penalty area. It was an intentional stomp, but referees clearly missed the incident.

VAR would have completely changed this match as Arsenal would win this match 0-1 and took home all three points.

As it is, Arsenal is down to 5th place while Tottenham is still keeping their 3rd place.


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