Video: Pochettino angry confrontation with Mike Dean against Burnley!

Pochettino confrontation mike dean

Maurizio Pochettino with an angry confrontation with referee Mike Dean at the end of the match against Burnley!

Pochettino had an angry confrontation with Mike Dean as Tottenham got a shock defeat.

The match ended with a 2-1 defeat for Tottenham as Burnley got an unlikely win.

They scored their second goal in the 83rd minute of the match as Tottenham didn’t get a serious chance to score after that moment.

The reason for this was that Burnley players were holding the ball near the corner flags and wasted a lot of time.

This was probably the main reason why Tottenham’s manager, Maurizio Pochettino, had an angry confrontation with the referee of the match, Mike Dean.

When the final whistle was blown, Pochettino went up to Mike Dean, face to face, started yelling at him and had to be restrained by his staff.

Pochettino was upset with defeat to Burnley, but Mike Dean didn’t do anything wrong. The fact was that Tottenham wasn’t good enough and paid the price with a defeat that leaves them 3rd in Premier League.


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