Video: Iago Herrerin comically hits spider camera vs Huesca!

Herrerin hits spider camera

Iago Herrerin comically hits spider camera against Huesca in La Liga match!

Iago Herrerin was too accurate as Athletic got an important win against Huesca.

The match ended with a 0-1 win for Athletic who have gotten out of a slump from the start of the season.

Raul Garcia penalty kick was enough for a win that puts Athletic into 11th place in the league.

The funniest moment of the match happened when Athletic’s goalkeeper Iago Herrerin comically hit spider camera.

He was just trying to send the ball forward, but his shot was so precise that he managed to hit spider camera which changed the projectile of the ball.

This isn’t allowed in football and Herrerin had to repeat the whole thing.

A funny situation in an important win for Athletic who escaping relegation battle.


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