Video: Hugo Lloris penalty save against Jamie Vardy!

Hugo Lloris penalty save Vardy

Hugo Lloris with a penalty save against Jamie Vardy in a Premier League match between Tottenham and Leicester City!

Hugo Lloris with a penalty save as Jamie Vardy made a penalty kick right after coming on the pitch.

Tottenham is now in a 2-0 lead against Leicester City as Erikson added the second goal. It could have been 1-1, but Jamie Vardy couldn’t take his chance from the penalty spot.

All this happened after Tottenham’s defenders made a meal out of a simple defensive clearance. One of Leicester players was brought down in the center of the box and the penalty was awarded.

Surprisingly, but Jamie Vardy was picked to take the penalty kick despite him only coming on the pitch.

This proved to be a wrong decision as Vardy made a poor penalty kick. He was not prepared to take the penalty kick as he took his shot too close to Lloris. Tottenham’s keeper dived the right way and had an easy task of saving his goal.

Soon after, Tottenham scored their second goal, and it seems that they did enough to win this match.

There is still some time left in this match, but it doesn’t seem that Leicester can make a comeback.


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