Video: Florenzi throws captain armband to De Rossi, but De Rossi throws it back!

florenzi rossi captain armband

Florenzi throws captain armband to De Rossi, who just came on the pitch, but De Rossi throws the armband back to Florenzi during Serie A match between Roma and Bologna!

Florenzi with interesting situation involving Rossi and captain armband.

Roma is leading against Bologna with a 2-1 score. A deserved lead, but Bologna still has a chance of making a comeback.

Roma has been the better team and rightfully scored two goals.

It seems that the most interesting highlights of the match involve Florenzi.

Roma’s captain, on the night, had a funny confrontation with Dijks and then had an interesting moment with Daniele De Rossi.

Rossi is the first captain of Roma, and when he came on the pitch Florenzi threw him captain armband. De Rossi, surprisingly, threw the armband back to Florenzi as he wanted his teammate to wear it till the end of the match.

A classy gesture from De Rossi as Roma looks like winning this match.


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