Paul Ince says that Alexis Sanchez is a ‘disgrace’!

ince sanchez disgrace

Paul Ince says that Alexis Sanchez is a disgrace after his poor performance in the Champions League match.

Paul Ince doesn’t rate Sanchez who hasn’t improved under Solskjaer.

There was a time when Sanchez was considered as one of the best players in the Premier League.

He was scoring goals and making assists for Arsenal with such ease it was hard to believe. His pace, skill, and sheer energy was perfect for Arsenal who lacked similar kind of players.

Miniature in size but deadly with the ball, no defense could hold Sanchez as he ended up being the best Arsenal player in those three years he stayed at the club.

He didn’t want to extend his contract for Arsenal. Instead, he took a big pay rise and signed for Manchester United. Man City was also interested, but United, oddly, gave him a bigger pay.

At the time he seemed like a game-changing signing for United. Mourinho was praised for getting him ahead of United’s local rival as everyone at the club expected Sanchez to give United an edge in the final third.

He was signed to given an extra quality to United while also being a living reminder of United ‘putting one over’ City.

The opposite happened as Sanchez flopped at United. Only five goals in 37 appearances isn’t good enough neither for United nor for anyone else.

There are many reasons for Sanchez failing. Poor form, too many injuries, and not being suited to Mourinho’s defense tactics. Sanchez ended as an expensive misfire that ended up aiding in Mourinho’s sacking.

Despite Ole replacing Mourinho and change the club’s fortunes, a man who electrified Arsenal’s fans hasn’t improved.

“His performances are a joke for the wage he gets!”

He was lost against PSG; a mere reminder of one of United’s worst signings.

Writing for Pady Power, Paul Ince wasn’t impressed with Sanchez after the match ended. Well, Ince was furious with Sanchez.

“The way Alexis Sanchez is playing at the moment is nothing short of a disgrace. His performances are a joke for the wage he gets.

“I wouldn’t begrudge his high wage, either, if I thought that he was truly putting his all in and playing well, but when you give someone that kind of money you expect a lot more. The fans deserve better, Ole [Gunnar Solskjaer] deserves better, and so do the rest of his team.”

Harsh words from Ince which do have some poignant truth about it.

Sanchez is the best-payed player at United, and he is one of their worst players. This is problematic for United as the rest of their players are thinking to themselves: “If he gets paid so much and plays that bad then I want a bigger pay too.”

United did make some important contract extensions to their players, and you can be sure that the value of those contracts is a lot bigger because of Sanchez.

It seems that Sanchez is not meant for United. Another player with a number seven on the back that has disappointed.

United will need to cut their losses and get Sanchez off their books before he cost them even more than just millions.

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