Gif: Cristiano Ronaldo provokes Atletico Madrid fans!

ronaldo provokes atletico fans

Cristiano Ronaldo provokes Atletico Madrid fans with a gesture of five Champion Leagues.

Cristiano Ronaldo with a cheeky gesture to Atletico Madrid fans.

The first half between Atletico Madrid and Juventus ended in expect 0-0 score.

Both teams were too good in defense as neither could create serious chances.

Griezmann was unlucky not to get a penalty, while Costa rightfully didn’t get a penalty as the foul happened outside the box.

A tense encounter that saw Cristiano Ronaldo provoke Atletico Madrid fans.

Ronaldo was fouled throughout the first half and whistled every time he got the ball.

When one of Juve players was down injured near the end of first half, Ronaldo had a go at Atletico’s fans.

He showed a gesture of five which is the number of Champion Leagues he has won in his career. Atletico Madrid, on the other hand, has never won a Champions League.

A cheeky reaction from Ronaldo that won’t be taken well by Atletico’s fans.

There is still second half ahead, but it seems that this match will end with the most unpopular result in football.


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