Gif: Bonucci comically feigning an injury against Atletico Madrid!

bonucci feigning injury atletico

Bonucci comically feigning an injury against Atletico Madrid in Champions League match!

Bonucci comically feigning an injury as Juventus suffered a devastating defeat.

Atletico Madrid and Juventus played the first leg of their Champions League match. It ended with a 2-0 win for Atletico who got an important win at home.

It was a match that got interesting only in the second half. The first half didn’t offer any serious chances as both teams were content to stay in defense.

Griezmann did have one penalty claim turned down, while Costa’s penalty was changed to a free kick thanks to VAR.

Second half save Morata’s goal controversially ruled out as Atletico Madrid was pressing hard to get a goal. They got more than just one goal as Gimenez and Godin scored two goals.

When Gimenez scored the first goal Simeone went crazy. He made a crazy ‘cojones’ celebration which will certainly get him some kind of punishment. This wasn’t the only interesting situation to happen when Gimenez scored the goal.

Bonucci was covering him and went down to the ground after a minimal touch from Gimenez. He was lying on the ground and looking at Gimenez who scored the goal.

Obviously, when Gimenez scored the goal Bonucci started feigning an injury which didn’t trick anyone.

VAR, in this case, helped Atletico as referees clearly saw that Bonucci was faking the whole thing.

Atletico got a deserved win as Juventus found themselves in a difficult position going into the second leg of Champions League.


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