Video: Alfredo Morelos kicks Scott Brown’s nuts!

Alfredo Morelos

Alfredo Morelos kicks Scott Brown’s nuts during Old Firm derby in Scottish League!

Alfredo Morelos kicks Scott Brown’s nuts, as Rangers is leading.

Rangers and Celtic are playing their famous derby match. It’s 1-0 for Rangers, at the moment.

A very interesting match, that has plenty of passion had one crazy moment.

Scott Brown and Alfredo Morelos jumped for the ball, but somehow Morelos managed to kick Scott Brown’s nuts.

Definitely a painful moment for Brown, as this seemed very intentional from Morelos.

There is no VAR in Scotland, so this was basically overlooked, but Morelos was very lucky. Scottish league needs VAR, while Morelos should stop being so “unprofessional” on the pitch.

There is still plenty of time in this match for it to cgange


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