Sergio Ramos failed a doping test after 2017 Champions League final!

Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos has apparently failed a doping test after 2017 Champions League final according to football leaks.

Sergio Ramos has landed in another controversy.

If you ask any football fan about who is the most controversial football player at the moment, he is probably going to tell you about Ramos.

Real’s defender has a special ability to get himself in plenty of controversy.

From fouling Messi in El Classicos, to injuring Salah in Champions League final, to elbowing one of Plzen’s player (recently). Sergio Ramos knows how to “boil things up”.

Now, football leaks has reviled that Sergio Ramos has failed a doping test after Champions League final in 2017.

The situation was apparently resolved at the time, with simple explanation from Real Madrid.

This was supposedly enough for UEFA to not inspect situation any further and that was that.

Although this story has raised a lot of eyebrows, it does seem to be a non-story.

The thing is that the type of “drug” Ramos used ISN’T prohibited in football. The only problem was that Real didn’t inform UEFA about it. That’s why UEFA didn’t inspect the whole situation further and were pleased with Real’s explanation.

Sergio Ramos is one really controversial player, but this situation seems to be blown out of proportion.

Ramos may be a dirty player, but he is not a “crooked” player.

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