Ronaldo Nazario explains which team he will be supporting in a match between Inter and PSV!

Ronaldo Nazario

Ronaldo Nazario explains who he will be supporting in a match between Inter Milan and PSV in Champions League!

Ronaldo Nazario explains himself.

Before Cristiano Ronaldo, there was just Ronaldo, or Ronaldo Nazario.

By some accounts, still the best striker to have ever played football. Ronaldo won it all, and scored goals for the clubs like PSV, Barcelona, Inter, Real Madrid, and Milan.

You might probably know that PSV and Inter are playing a match in the Champions League. As mentioned just a couple of wards back, Ronaldo left an important print in both of these clubs.

He played 2 years for PSV in which he scored a whopping 42 goals, while he played 5 years for Inter in which he scored 49 goals.

The reason why he scored less goals for Inter, were those two horrible injuries that simply destroyed Ronaldo, who was never the same after it.

Anyway, Inter and PSV have decided to argue on social media about who will Ronaldo support in the match between them.

Ronaldo decided to put in the final verdict and said this.

“Come on! I have wonderful memories with both teams. Good luck! #PSVInter #PSVFCIM #UCL!”

Ronaldo made the smartest possible answer and didn’t pick anyone.

He apparently has high regards for both clubs and he will be hoping that they both win 😀 .

In any case, Inter won their first match against Tottenham, while PSV lost heavily against Barcelona.

You could say that Inter will have an advantage in this match, but anything can happen in Champions League.


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