Video: Petr Cech nearly scores a BIZARRE own goal vs Arsenal!

Petr Cech

Petr Cech nearly scored a really bizarre own goal against Arsenal during the Premier League match against Manchester City!

Petr Cech almost scored the weirdest own goal in the Premier League’s history!

Arsenal and Manchester City are playing the last match of this first round of the new Premier League season.

City is leading 0-1, after Raheem Sterling scored.

Well, City could have easily been 0-2 up, as Petr Cech almost made a hilarious clanger.

He got a relatively easy backpass from his teammate. He decided to make a pass to his left, with his first touch. He made such a poor pass that he almost passed the ball in his own goal.

The ball just missed the post and the goal.

A let off for Cech and Arsenal, who are struggling against dominant City.

They have problems creating chances and having possession.

Still, City is leading with only a one goal lead, as things can change quickly.


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