Video: Connor Goldson funny slip reminds of Gerrard vs Motherwell!

Connor Goldson

Connor Goldson makes a funny slip to concede a goal against Motherwell, which was very similar to his manager, Steven Gerard’s slip against Chelsea!

Connor Goldson slipped at the wrong time.

Rangers and Motherwell played out a fantastic match in Scottish league.

The match ended 3-3 as Motherwell scored a 94th minute equalizer to get a point against Rangers.

A fantastic match also had one funny moment that resembled another funny (and painful) moment.

Connor Goldson made a funny slip in the worst possible time, as Motherwell than scored the first goal of the match.

This slip from Goldson was very similar to his manager, Steven Gerrard’s slip against Chelsea.

Although, Goldson’s slip wasn’t as critical as Gerrard’s, Rangers still dropped points against Motherwell.

It looks like Gerrard is having such a big effect on Rangers, that the players are even making the kind of mistakes Gerrard made at Liverpool.


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