Video: Burundi U17 player with horror kung-fu kick and stomp on Tanzania U17 captain!

Burundi U17 player

Burundi U17 player made a horror flying kung-fu kick and stomp on Tanzania U17’s captain Abraham Morris!

Burundi U17 player went crazy.

Tanzania U17 team and Burundi U17 team played out a match in Africa U17 Cup of Nations.

The match ended with a 2-1 win for Tanzania, but this match had one really awful moment.

This happened near the end of the match, when a Burundi U17 player went completely nuts.

Morris was holding the ball and went past that Burudni player. For some bizarre reason, Burundi player made a freak flying kick on Morris and then stomp Tanzania’s player, while he was on the ground.

A crazy situation that resulted in red card and will also result in lengthy suspension for that Burundi’s player.

Frankly, this wasn’t a foul, but more of an attack, so it should be punished accordingly!


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