Michel Platini thinks that Ronaldo’s transfer to Juve is WEIRD!

Michel Platini

Former Juventus star and (controversial) former UEFA president, Michel Platini thinks that Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer to Juve is weird!

Michel Platini isn’t happy about Ronaldo’s move.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer is apparently still “turning heads” in football.

It was a shocking summer move that saw Ronaldo swap Real Madrid for Juventus.

Juve paid €100 million for a 33-year old Portuguese superstar, which seems a bit strange, given his age.

Still, this is Ronaldo we are talking about, and he is no average player.

As reported in L’Equipe, Platini said this about Ronaldo’s transfer to Juve.

“I think it’s odd that at 33 years of age he’s left ‘his’ Real Madrid, with whom he has won three Champions Leagues in a row, to try a new adventure.

“When I was 32 lots of teams wanted me, but I retired because I was tired.

“I can’t understand the move. I do not know if Juventus has contacted him or if it was Mendes who offered him, I cannot understand this operation.”

Well, Platini and Ronaldo are two completely different players.

“I can’t undestand the move!”

Platini was never a physical player. He was considered as “weak”, while Ronaldo is anything but weak.

Ronaldo has one of the best “athletic” bodies out there and he can perform well into his 40ies, if he wants to!

That’s why Platini’s comment seems out of place, as its more about him than Ronaldo.

Ronaldo likely went to Juve, because he was losing his position at Real, while is “undisputed king” at Juve.

It’s true that this transfer does seem weird from a financial point of view, but Ronaldo can pay Juve back in commercial revenue.

Frankly, this transfer is more weird from Real’s point of view in terms of them letting Ronaldo go to Juve.

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