La Liga will punish Valladolid for their horrible pitch against Barcelona!

La Liga will punish Valladolid

La Liga has decided that they will punish Valladolid for their horrible state of the pitch against Barcelona in late league match!

La Liga will punish Valladolid!

As you know by now, Barca managed to beat Valladolid with a 0-1 score, as Valladolid had a late equalizer disallowed for an offside.

Dembele scored the winner, but barely anyone is talking about the actual match.

What stood out in this match was a terrible condition of the pitch in Valladolid.

It was basically a potato field, as there were massive chunks of the pitch visible for everyone to see.

Everyone at Barca was upset with the condition of the pitch, with Pique criticizing La Liga.

“Before we sell our product abroad, we’d do well to look here first. They want to take our players to the US, but the state of the grass today was a disgrace.

“The players risked getting injured. It was very regrettable and I hope action is taken on the matter.”

Pique was totally right about this, as the state of the pitch was a disgrace for La Liga standards.

“State of the grass today was a disgrace!”

You’ve probably heard that La Liga want’s to play its matches abroad, but practically everyone is opposed to that, while situation like this makes this “foreign playing” even more bizarre.

After the match ended, La Liga president responded with a tweet to the controversy of Valladolid’s pitch.

“The state of [Estadio] Jose Zorrilla’s turf did not meet the minimum conditions required for a COMPETITION such as @LaLiga, evidently [we are] proceeding to open the corresponding disciplinary file…”

That’s only fair, as Valladolid tried to defeat their opponents with a very unsporting move.

They almost succeeded, but lucky for Barcelona La Liga is now using VAR and that late equalizer was rightfully disallowed for an offside.

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