Video: Hugo Lloris with a horrible mistake to concede a goal vs Croatia!

Hugo Lloris

Hugo Lloris made a horrible mistake that led to goal by Croatia’s Mario Mandzukic. A goal that didn’t matter in the end!

Huge Lloris made a huge mistake, but France still won.

France is the new World Champion, as they beat Croatia with a 4-2 result.

In the end, a deserved win for France, who got their second World Cup win.

Griezmann made a controversial dive that lead to a goal, while there was also a bizarre pitch invasion.

The worst moment of the match, at least for France, was that horrible mistake by Lloris.

France was already leading 4-1 at that point and very cruising.

Lloris got the ball and Mandzukic was closing him down. Instead of kicking the ball away, Lloris decided to dribble. It went horribly bad and Mandzukic scored one of the easiest goals of his career.

A huge mistake that didn’t have any kind of effect in the final.

France hold on for a win, while Croatia still got their biggest achievement in their history.


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