Panucci warns Ronaldo for leaving Real Madrid!


Christian Panucci warns Cristiano Ronaldo about regretting leaving Real Madrid for Juventus and Serie A!

Panucci gives his warning to Ronaldo.

You obviously know that Ronaldo has made his official transfer to Juventus.

Juve decided to buy Ronaldo, when he scored that sensational bicycle kick goal, while Ronaldo spoke about Messi in his official presentation.

Overall, a solid presentation from Ronaldo, who is eager to win more trophies in Italy.

You also probably know who Panucci is, right?

If you don’t, than he is one of Italy’s legendary players that won trophies with Real, before going back to Italy.

Strangely, but Panucci has warned Ronaldo through his interview reported in Goal.

“When I left Madrid I was convinced, I wanted to leave Madrid and it was the biggest foolishness of my sports career, and I regret it now.”

Well, this isn’t a direct warning, but Ronaldo might soon find out that he is going to a lesser league and to a club that’s just not on Madrid’s level.

Ronaldo could regret his move like Panucci, because he will never play at the same level like he played in Madrid.

“(leaving Real) was the biggest foolishness of my sports career!”

Panucci also had this to say.

“Cristiano is going to win because he is too good a player not to do it. It’s normal madness for Cristiano, he’s the best in the world.

“He’s a very smart signing who is going to give other great players a push to come to Italy. Being a champion is in his blood.”

So, Panucci thinks that Ronaldo is going to be successful in Italy, but that special feeling from Madrid will disappear.

In any case, Juvenuts made a very good move in signing Ronaldo, but the player may end up disappointed, as Serie A is well behind La Liga and Premier League level.

Ronaldo probably won’t improve the league, but he will improve Juve in the league. Juve is now going to be even more dominant than before.

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