Mijatovic believes that Ronaldo left Real because of Perez!


Predrag Mijatovic believes that Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid because of the club’s president Florentino Perez.

Mijatovic is pointing his finger at Perez.

Real Madrid lost two key men at the end of last season. First, Zizu decided to leave Real after winning practically everything. Than Ronaldo decided to leave Real for Juventus.

Two huge losses that pushed Real in some kind of crisis.

Fans aren’t happy, while Real doesn’t look like spending.

People are blaming Florentino Perez for this kind of situation and so does Mijatovic.

Mijatovic is a former Real Madrid star and director of football, so his opinion counts a lot.

As reported in Marca, Mijatovic had this to say about Ronaldo’s exit.

“I don’t believe that everything was the result of a spur of the moment decision made in anger. It was the end of a process that began, then matured over time and ended with this outcome.

“Maybe the reason is the somewhat strained relations between Cristiano and the president.

“I don’t know exactly what happened between them but from the outside, it seems that there’s no doubt that there were serious problems and that both had a difficult relationship.”

Mijatovic had a point about this. Even Mijatovic himself had to leave Real Madrid, after Perez arrived to the club for the second time.

“(reason is) strained relations between Cristiano and the president!”

Perez is obviously not an easy person to deal with. Plenty of Real’s legends had to leave the club through the back door, after poor relationship with Perez.

Who knows, but Perez might be the main reason Ronaldo left Real, but we will never (completely) know for sure.

The fact is that Ronaldo and Zidane are history for Real, while the club is facing uncertain future ahead.

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