Maradona thinks Colombia was ROBBED of World Cup quarter-final!


Diego Maradona thinks that Colombia was robbed of the World Cup quarter-final by the referee!

Maradona is one crazy dude.

As you know, England beat Colombia through penalties in one tense match.

When Henderson missed his penalty, it looked as though England would go out again, but Colombia didn’t take the advantage and paid the ultimate price.

It was a sad match for Colombia, given that they made their comeback in the injury time, but then lost out on penalties, but that’s football.

It wasn’t just Colombians who were sad. Their (new) biggest fan Maradona was also unhappy about the whole thing. Although Maradona went a bit further than just being unhappy.

As reported in Express, Diego Maradona gave a rather controversial interview after the match.

“I saw a monumental theft. I apologize to all the Colombian people, but they must know the players are not to blame.

“It is the man who decides who the referee is who is to blame. A man like that (Geiger) should not be put in charge of a game of that magnitude.

“The referee will know a lot about baseball, but he has no idea about football. The Colombian players asked for VAR and he did not give it to them. Twice the English threw themselves to the ground and he did not admonish them. This was theft.”

So, Maradona blamed the referee for the whole loss, but that’s hardly accurate. There were fouls and play acting on both sides after which neither won.

“I saw a monumental theft.”

Frankly, referee did a good job as Colombia managed to get back on terms, after a seemingly lost position.

Maradona also touched on Kane’s first penalty.

“The penalty was not a foul. In fact, it was Kane’s fault. The referee is looking somewhere else and when he turns his head, Kane is on the floor.

“Kane used his arm to hook Sanchez and then threw himself down. I repeat, why didn’t the referee ask for the VAR? Colombia died standing. That’s why I applaud them.”

That foul was a clear penalty from a Colombian player, who made a meal out of a situation. Strangely, but this was the same player that saved a goal with his hand against Japan.

You could say that Maradona is making a lot of noise just because he is a fan of Colombia, or a fan of something to do with Colombia. He is wide of the mark with his criticism and England got through fair and square.

A very difficult win, but nonetheless deserved win.

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