Zlatan Ibrahimovic gives an honest opinion about Benzema and Deschamps!

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic gave an interview for BeIN sports and gave his opinion about Karim Benzema, and his lack of international football, due to Didier Deschamps!

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not at the World Cup, but that doesn’t mean he can’t talk about World Cup.

After not being called up by Sweden for the World Cup, Zlatan still went to Russia to see some matches.

He watched the match between France and Australia, and he wasn’t impressed.

Zlatan gave a frank interview for BeIN sports about France national team and Benzema.

“For me, it’s not normal Benzema is not in the national team. He’s one of the best in the world, he won the Champions League. He plays in Madrid, that he’s not in this team has nothing to do with football.

“If the coach has a decision in saying he’s not good enough for this team then the coach should not be there, but Benzema should. It’s very easy.

“I find it very strange that he’s not there because if you want to win, you get winners, and Benzema is a winner.”

Strong words from Zlatan, who basically said that Benzema should be in the World Cup and Deschamps shouldn’t.

“Benzema should be called up to the French national team!”

If you remember, Benzema is banned from French national team, due to his bizarre involvement with even stranger blackmail attempt of Mathieu Velbuena.

To be honest, this is a strange opinion, as Benzema would likely only complicate things in this France squad.

Even if you forget about his strange situation regarding Valbuena, Benzema has had two below average seasons at Real.

His form has really dropped since 2015. It just wouldn’t make any sense of keeping him in a squad that could implode due too many “stars” fighting for first 11.

Deschamps made a perfectly sensible choice of not picking Benzema, as he wouldn’t add anything to this team.

When Zlatan was talking about Benzema, he was (probably) more talking about himself and Sweden.

The big Swede was disappointed not to be called up for this World Cup, and is still angry about it.

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