Video: Sampaoli asking Messi, if he should bring on Aguero!


Jorge Sampaoli was asking the boss Lionel Messi, if he should bring on Sergio Aguero against Nigeria!

Jorge Sampaoli showed who’s the boss.

As you probably know, Argentina beat Nigeria to advance from their group stage.

They were hanging by a thread, but Marcos Rojo’s goal put them through. A goal which was “mentally” assisted by Messi.

Maradona went crazy, as did everyone else, while Iceland lost against Croatia.

There was one strange moment in the match that happened near the end of the match.

Jorge Sampaoli, who is Argentina’s manager, was asking Messi about bringing on Sergio Aguero. Yes, Argentina’s manager was asking his player, if he should bring a player on.

This does show you the power Messi has in this Argentina’s squad, but it also shows that Sampaoli doesn’t have much power. That’s never good.

A player should never have such power, as the manager is the man in charge of the team.

Still, it worked for Argentina, as Rojo saved them from elimination.

Argentina are now facing France in the last 16 and there’s a feeling that they are going to lose.


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