Video: Alan Dzagoev gets quickly injured vs Saudi Arabia!

Alan Dzagoev

Alan Dzagoev is arguably Russia’s star player, and he went down with an injury. A really bad start for Russia, despite the lead!

Alan Dzagoev got injured, as Russia took the lead.

Obviously, this World Cup has come a bit too late for Russia.

Russia national football team had their best team in 2008, when they surprised everyone at EURO. Now, they are just a shadow of that team that had influential Arshavin.

You could say that Alan Dzagoev is one of a rare stars of this Russia’s team.

Well, he got injured quite early in the first half.

He was making a run, when all of a sudden he grabbed his hamstring and went down. There was no one around him, which is NEVER a good sign.

He probably suffered a serious hamstring injury, which might have ended his World Cup prematurely.

A really bad luck for Russia, who lost one of their rare stars very early.

Despite this, Russia is leading in what looks like a positive start to their World Cup campaign.


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