Tite gave words of wisdom to Miranda after the match vs Switzerland!


Brazil main coach, Tite, gave a few words of wisdom to his player, Miranda, after the match ended against Switzerland!

As you know, Brazil shockingly failed to defeat Switzerland in their opening World Cup match.

This is the first time in a World Cup that Argentina, Brazil and Germany failed to win their opening match.

To be honest, Switzerland deserved a point against Brazil.

Philippe Coutinho scored a stunning goal, after which Brazil (kind of) disappeared. They didn’t create much after that period.

The Swiss never gave up and they got a fantastic point from the match.

“Tite wants to get rid of diving!”

There was one controversial situation when Switzerland scored their goal. The corner kick was taken directly into the center of Brazil’s box. There Zuber appeared to push Miranda away and scored an easy header goal.

After the match ended, Brazil’s defender Miranda and Brazil’s coach Tite had a conversation.

Tite said this for Globoesporte.

“Miranda told me after the game, ‘maybe I should have fallen down so the referee gives the foul’. I told him no, I don’t want any characteristics of diving in my team.”

This is very noble from Tite, who is trying to change the culture of diving in Brazil’s squad.

Although, he should have the same conversation with Neymar.

Brazil superstar was more on the ground than not against Switzerland.

It’s true that everyone tried to foul Neymar (and they did), but he really overreacted to those fouls.

This isn’t helping anyone, as referee’s see that as diving and aren’t giving free kicks to Brazil.

In the end, Brazil disappointed in their first match, while Tite should explain to Neymar the same thing he explained to Miranda.

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