Sampaoli confesses that he doesn’t plan anything!


Jorge Sampaoli gives a strange explanation of why he is the main reason of Argentina’s poor performances in this World Cup!

Sampaoli is the most hated person in Argentina, at the moment.

Argentina is having one of the worst World Cup appearances in their history.

They only managed to draw 1-1 against Iceland and than lost 0-3 to Croatia.

Argentina should beat teams like this with ease, but they flopped in both matches.

They are on the brink and simply need a win against Nigeria in the last group match.

Everyone is blaming Sampaoli, and rightfully so.

Sampaoli himself took some of the blame in a recent interview, but an excerpt from his book (MIS LATIDOS) explains more.

“I don’t plan anything.  Everything emerges in my head when it has to emerge. It emerges naturally at the opportune moment.  I hate to plan.  If I plan, I become an office worker.  I am like Alumni from 1991.  You don’t study football, you feel it you live it.”

That’s the main problem with this Argentina’s team, as they look without a serious plan.

“You don’t study football, you feel it!”

As was observed by Ardiles, their only plan is to give the ball to Messi, and if that doesn’t work, they lose the match.

Sampaoli is probably going to get sacked sooner than later. Only a World Cup win would save him, but given team’s performances, this seems like a fantasy.

Argentina isn’t out of the World Cup, but it does look like Sampaoli was always going to be the wrong pick for Argentina’s national team.

What Argentina needs is a tactical manager. A manager that will teach them something else than just to pass the ball to Messi.

Štefan Japelj

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