Sam Allardyce gets SACKED by Everton!

Sam Allardyce

Sam Allardyce got officially sacked by Everton, after stabilizing the club, but also playing some shi*ty football. This was NO surprise, not even for Twitter!

Sam Allardyce has become part of Everton’s history, brief history.

He has been officially sacked as the manager of Everton, which made a lot of people quite happy.

Its true that fans were happy, that he managed to stabilize to club after a poor start, but the club played some afoul football along the way.
Twitter had quite a reaction to his sacking!

Some easy money for the “wheeler dealer”💰💰💰!

Why exactly was Big Sam sacked🤔🤔!

Those Everton fans are having a party🎉🎉🎉🎉!

“Allardyce, Moyes sacked on the same day”

A never ending circle of Allardyce😮!

Reaction from Allardyce after he was sacked🤩🤩!

What Allardyce and Moyes have in common🤣!

When the magnificent trio are all out of work at the same time😎😎😎!

So, Allardyce has become a part of Everton’s history, now.

He will be remembered as the man who stabilized the club in a difficult period, but opted for a really bad football.

Not many will mourn Allardyce’s sacking, as the club will start for a new manager.


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