Video: Sime Versaljko controversial second yellow card vs Arsenal!

Sime Versaljko

Watch as Sime Versaljko controversial second yellow card in the 10th minute of the match against Arsenal in Europa League semi-finale!

Sime Versaljko got sent off very early against Arsenal.

Its still 0-0, but Arsenal are in a big advantage.

They have a player more on the pitch and its shows.

They had plenty of chances, while Atletico has parked the bus and the train before their goal.

The sending off was very controversial, though.

Sime Versaljko made two fouls and got two yellow cards. This was really harsh, but they were fouls on both ocasions. Still, referees usually don’t give out yellow cards right at the start, but this one did.

Anyway, Arsenal are in one man advantage, but are unable to score a goal. Its always close, but Arsenal just can’t get past Oblak.

The match is still quite early and there is enough time in this match. One expects Arsenal to win this match, but you never know what happens in matches like this.


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