Video: Remy Vercoutre bizarre own goal vs Caen!

Remy Vercoutre

Watch as goalkeeper Remy Vercoutre scores a really bizarre own goal against Caen in Ligue 1 match!

Remy Vercoutre scored the most bizarre own goal of the season.

Its 1-1 between Troyes and Caen in Ligue 1.

Caen took the lead, but than Troyes equalized.

It was a bizarre equalizer, though.

Troyes got a free kick about 45 meters out of Caen’s goal. They took the free kick really bad, or really good (it depends how you look at it).

The ball missed all the players and sailed over the keeper and into the post. The ball than bounced of the post and hit Vercoutre in the back, after which the goal was scored.

Vercoutre, who was long term number 2 at Lyon, will surely remember this own goal till the rest of his life.

It was an incredible bizarre own goal that equalized the score for Troyes.

The match is still early enough for everything to change, but Troyes does have a mental edge now.


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