Video: Patrick Cutrone epic reaction after VAR decision vs Chievo!

Patrick Cutrone

Watch as Patrick Cutrone has an epic reaction after VAR decision against Chievo in Serie A match!

Patrick Cutrone went crazy, as Milan won.

There was a very interesting match between Milan and Chievo.

Milan took the lead, but Chievo made a full comeback. It looked as though Chievo would win this match, but Milan made another comeback.

They eventually won 3-2, which was very important for their league position.

The funniest and epic moment happened when Cutrone scored his goal that leveled the score at 2-2. Referee decided to use VAR, just to be certain that the goal was “legal”.

This whole situation made Milan and Cutrone very nervous. That’s also the reason why Cutrone went crazy as soon as referee allowed the goal to stood.

He ran to Milan fans and started celebrating with style.

His goal proved to be crucial as Milan than made a complete comeback, which has put Milan in the fight for the Champions League football.


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