Video: Fiorentina got wrongfully disallowed penalty by VAR vs Juventus!


Watch as Fiorentina got wrongfully disallowed penalty by VAR against Juventus in an early Serie A match!

Fiorentina got one really bad decision as the match is still without a goal.

Its still 0-0 between Fiorentina and Juventus, as neither team could score in the first half.

The home team was close though, like really close to a goal.

There was a pass from the right and the ball hit Chiellini right in his arm. Referee obviously awarded a penalty as Chiellini was inside Juventus penalty area. Referee took his time, used VAR and again pointed to the spot. After a while, referee again used VAR and than awarded an offside.

In the first glance it looked like a great decision, but it wasn’t.

There was no offside, as Juventus own player (Alex Sandro) passed the ball to Fiorentina’s player, who was in offside.

This was very similar to the situation between Liverpool and Tottenham, when Lovren touched the ball and helped Kane win a penalty.

After that situation, the home team even hit a post, but it just wasn’t to be.

There’s still second half ahead, but Fiorentina should have had a  penalty and the lead, but are instead still stuck at 0-0.

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