Video: Deniz Aytekin eats a candy thrown on the pitch by Mainz fans vs Frankfurt!

Deniz Aytekin

Watch as referee Deniz Aytekin eats a candy that was thrown on the pitch by Mainz fans, during a German cup match against Frankfurt!

Deniz Aytekin made one strange and funny move in an important match.

Its 3-0 for Frankfurt against Mainz. The home team has been a lot better team and rightfully leading with a high score in this match.

Now, there was one funny incident that has managed to overshadowed the whole match.

Mainz fans were throwing things onto the pitch and one of those things was also a candy. Well, referee went there to pick it up and after a while (and strange consultation with a player) decided to eat it.

Its hard to say what kind of candy it was, but it was good enough for the ref to eat it.

The match has basically been decided and Frankfurt will got to the next round where they will face a lot tougher opposition than Mainz!

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