Video: Dimitri Payet injures keeper with a dribble and scores vs Strasbourg!

Dimitri Payet

Watch as Dimitri Payet managed to injure a keeper with his incredible dribble and scores against Strasbourg in Ligue 1!

Dimitri Payet made an incredible skill that injured a keeper, just before he scored a goal.

The match ended with a 2-0 win for Marseille, who even missed a penalty. It wasn’t as dominating match as someone would think, but Marseille deserved their win.

The craziest thing happened when Dimitri Payet managed to score a fantastic goal.

He got a perfect ball, which got him into a 1 on 1 position with Strasbourg’s keeper. Payet made a tremendous skill, which literary broke the keeper’s knees. Payet than casually went past the keeper and scored the goal.

It was fantastic and horrible at the same time. Payet’s skill and goal was fantastic, but the injury to the keeper was horrible. Keeper even had to be carried off the pitch because of it.

So, Marseille got another win which gets them second in the league, where they will stay until Monaco plays its match against Nice.


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