Video: Aden Flint crucial goal line save vs Raheem Sterling!

Aden Flint

Watch as Aden Flint makes a crucial goal line save against Raheem Sterling in Caraboa Cup semi-finale!

Aden Flint saved Bristol as his team took a shocking lead against Manchester City.

Its 0-1 for Bristol City, who shocking took the lead against Premier League 1st place team Manchester City.

John Stones made a clumsy penalty foul, which Bristol took advantage and got the lead.

After the goal, City had one golden chance. Raheem Sterling managed to get into a prefect position to score. He took a perfect lob shot, but there was Bristol City player on the line. Aden Flint made a crucial goal line save, that just has to be the best goal line save this season.

It was a perfect save, which got Bristol an unlikely lead at half time, against the undefeated team in the Premier League.

Can Bristo City get the victory? Probably not! City’s got a lot of firepower and will probably score sooner than latter, but its still a fantastic achievement for Bristol to take the lead.

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